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Sveta Baar is a proud member of Liveurope, a platform of 21 iconic European music venues working together to boost the diversity of Europe’s rich music scene.

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Established in 2014, Liveurope encourages music venues to diversify their programmes and seek out the emerging European artists that are yet to be discovered. Being part of the platform provides (VENUE’s NAME) a safety net in order to book more promising talents from beyond our borders and bring them to our stages.

In other words, the Liveurope acts of today are the Christine and The Queens, Years & Years and Rosalía’s of tomorrow.

In the past seven years, Liveurope has already supported over 2900 artists representing 40 European nationalities. Thanks to the platform's simple and progressive financial bonus system, the Liveurope venues have been booking on average 63%* more emerging European artists since before the initiative started (*pre-Covid).

As part of the platform, Liveurope also awards its members an EU quality label dedicated to acclaimed venues with a proven commitment to European diversity. All Liveurope members are iconic venues in their respective regions as well as highly professional infrastructures, and the quality label reinforces their position in the international music scene.

The platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. It also regularly launches initiatives with national public bodies and foundations to boost the mobility of artists in particular regions. One of them is the Above 55° initiative, supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, that aims to increase the visibility and booking opportunities of young Nordic talent.

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